Data Engineering and AI

Turning data into a powerful driver for enterprise agility

Delivering actionable insights for faster decision-making by making use of generative AI and agile data frameworks to augment cloud deployments

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We empower companies by transforming their data infrastructure with amazingly fast-performing solutions, and insights to stay ahead of the competition.

We deploy an exceptional data engineering team that has proven expertise in handling mission-critical data and generating valuable insights.

Data Modernization
and ETL
Data Modernization
  • Data migration to the cloud
  • Automate data extraction
  • Process data intelligently
  • Data monitoring, security, and governance
Data Discovery and
Data Discovery and Analytics
  • Generate actionable insights for faster decision-making.
  • Create a single source for all metrics.
  • Generate KPIs, advanced reports and visualizations.
DevOps and Cloud
DevOps and Cloud
  • Multi-cloud data management
  • AWS data services
  • Azure data services
  • Google cloud data services
  • Snowflake data services

Solution offerings

Appminds has strong expertise in managing heterogeneous data infrastructure in multi-cloud environments.
Clients trust Appminds to deliver transformative results towards achieving their business goals.

Data Engineering Strategy

Data Engineering Strategy

We analyse your data to make your organization data-ready and enable data-driven decision-making to maximize business agility.

We help you accelerate your journey towards becoming a data-driven enterprise that will align with your business goals by improving data efficiency, compliance, security, and profitability.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We analyse, interpret, and generate data insights, visualizations, and KPIs that will increase business efficiencies at all levels.

We make use of AI and machine learning technologies to generate actionable insights, predictive models, prescriptive analytics, and business intelligence concepts.

Data Governance and Democratization

Data Governance and Democratization

We will help organizations increase their operational efficiencies through data provisioning, data processing, and analytics by democratising data access and providing a 360-degree view of your business.

Maximise growth potential, and automate various functions with better maintenance and scalability.

What We Do

We prepare you to meet the future demands through data modernization.

Design Data Architecture

Design data architecture that connects and analyses data from diverse data sources in the Web, Mobile and IoT environments through robust Master Data Management (MDM) strategy for seamless functioning of an enterprise.

Data Visualization

Create data visualizations and reports enabling companies to convert data into valuable insights thereby increasing Performance, Reach and faster ROI.

Demonstrate KPIs

Design and development of advanced reports and visualisations that demonstrate the KPIs of the enterprise.

Scalable Datawarehouse

Develop and deploy scalable and robust data warehouse solutions by implementing ETL tools and technologies that make it easy and efficient to handle.


Fully automate data reading and processing that generates dashboards, feeds and visualizations for informed decision making.

Security and Auditability

Create a highly secure data warehouse solution with row level security and auditability by complying with the industry standards and best practices.

Data Modernization

Adopt an end-to-end data modernization strategy that generates actionable insights in a modern data ecosystem based on a cloud-first approach.

Schedule Tasks

Create pipelines, schedule refresh tasks using data gateways and export, import reports/statements at frequent intervals as per the requirement.

Ease up manual data

Ease up manual data maintenance by enabling updates to the database directly from various data sources.

Single point of source

Create a single point of source for all metrics in a central data store.

Unified data eco-system

Improved productivity and efficiency at all levels by creating a unified data eco-system on the cloud.

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